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Re Install ST3 Issues


I am running a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
I updated to ST4 and then found out that I needed a new license so I deleted the installation
and reinstalled ST3 3.2.2 ver 3211 I was running ST3 ver 3143

I am not a power user but do understand coding I go all the way back to VB6 now mostly VS
The two issue I am experiencing at the title bar for the new install of ST3 says “untitled Sublime Text”
not a big issue but I am sure this is tied to the second issue

Major ISSUE My past experience with ST 3 I could RIGHT CLICK on a file type ie txt, rtf,
and I had the option to OPEN WITH Sublime Text 3 that function is gone now
I can not add ST3 as a default file type in Windows
I have seen suggestions on Stack Overflow that recommend I go in the Registry at this location
and delete the entry at Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications, find the sublime_text.exe entry, and delete it.

I tend to not fool with the registry without solid advice
Here is the reason the poster recommends this FIX ?
I use Inno Setup and find it hard to believe the 7 man group at ST do not delete this file
The problem is that the Sublime Text uninstaller doesn’t remove a particular registry entry referring to Sublime Text 2’s sublime_text.exe, which prevents Windows from adding an entry for Sublime Text 3’s sublime_text.exe.

Thank You for your reply
Dwight aka “Slime”



We use inno setup for the installer and the uninstaller should properly handle registry entries. Have you confirmed that it does actually not get removed?



Yes I confirmed that Sublime Text.exe is in the registry at the location
I mentioned
I did not use Inno Setup to do the install I just downloaded the ST3 after deleting ST4
and double clicked the EXE file
All my application I write and install with Inno Setup remove remnants from the registry
I have never used Inno Setup to install a EXE file NO CLUE how to do that
So do you think it is safe to delete Sublime Text.exe from the REGISTRY ?



Here are the steps I used to correct the issue of NOT being able to set Sublime Text 3 as my
default program to open various file types NOTE this was after installing Sublime Text 4 and
making the realization that to use this version I needed a new licence
First I uninstalled ST 4 and reinstalled ST 3
WHY did this fail my best guess is because the folks at ST do not uninstall a setting in the registry
see my original post
YES here are the steps
Uninstall ST 3
Go to the registry and DELETE the folder that has sublime_text.exe
Now RE-Install Sublime Text 3
and use the normal procedure to associate a file type ie .txt with a program
in my case ST 3
So Now your should be able to right click on a file type and see the message
Open With and see Sublime Text 3 as a choice

Sublime Text here is a suggestion
either use a installer that removes everything
or train your installer to remove that file from the registry
or EXPLAIN this process in your FAQ after all this is PAID FOR Software
and YES you are a small 7 person shop but with an amazing product
in a few words “Better Documentation”