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Quick way to abort a merge with conflicts?


I’m able to abort a conflicted merge in multiple steps, but would be happy to learn of an easier way. (SmartGit has a one-step “abort merge” feature – that’s what I’m used to.)





Hi @trlorenz,

Thank you for using Sublime Merge!

If you are in a conflicting state due to a merge, the easiest way to abort this process would be through the commit changes dialog.

In the top-right corner of the dialog there is an abort merge button that can be pressed to abort the merge process.

Is this what you’re looking for? If not, I can help investigate some alternatives to speed up the process for you.

Kind regards,
- Dylan Johnston
Software Engineer, Sublime HQ

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No, that’s awesome. So, uh… not sure how I missed that big red button. Maybe I didn’t hover the right element or something. Anyway, thanks, and sorry for not digging deeper first!



Always happy to help!



Back in 2021 with version 2056

How is aborting the merge achieved now? I’ve tried the command palette, and every drop down and hamburger menu in sight, no luck.



I believe the button is in the same place now as it always was:



Thanks, but I’m certain there was no sign of that button (or indeed the text summary at the top IIRC) in 2056 on Linux - I failed to mention it was the Linux version, my bad.

I bailed out by essentially accepting the base version and then zapping the branch altogether as I was just kicking off on the feature.

I’ll have another look in the morning - see if I can replicate and report back either way.



@mrsean2k, if you used --autostash, you may have ended up in this state:



Aha, that looks promising. Handily I’ve deleted both the errant stash and the branch I was applying it to - it was ~5 lines so easy to cut and paste and I wanted to get out of my predicament ASAP.

I think that I:

  1. created branch A, and made some small changes
  2. staged and committed those changes
  3. made a small experimental change for something unrelated then stashed the change in favour of a later dedicated bit of work
  4. flipped to master and merged in branch A.
  5. created branch B. staged and merged to master again
  6. created branch C and applied the stash
  7. attempted to merge branch C to master

At this point I had merge conflicts. I was uncertain what the 3-way merge screen was telling me would happen, so I just wanted to abort the merge altogether - a small change easily applied.

I suspect my understanding of things is too shallow in this area and I need a bit of reading and some sacrificial merges. Thanks for the pointers.