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Quick panel number(score?) don't show up


Hi guys,
I noticed there should be some numbers appended to each row in quick panel(go to anything), however, these numbers didn’t show up for me. Is something I can do to solve this?687474703a2f2f6275796d6561736f64612e6769746875622e636f6d2f736f64612d7468656d652f696d616765732f73637265656e73686f74732f736f64612d322d6c696768742d7468656d652e706e673f763d34|667x500




Sublime doesn’t display match scores any longer in panels that used to support them, although it did in the past. The quick_panel_score_label element is no longer used in themes (though it being there doesn’t cause issues).

The removal is listed under Obsolete in the Theme file documentation.