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Questions about plugin development GIT workflow


I’m new to GIT and up to this point have been developing locally with manual version control
( using a XYplorer script to clone the directory, add a timestamp + note, & move it to an archive folder )

A few questions:

  1. What is the best way to integrate GIT with plugin development? Do developers just run a feature branch locally & push changes to the master branch?

  2. If the above case is true, is it possible to manage multiple branches while still providing real-time testing of separate branches?

  3. How do dependencies factor into this?



:+1: for using XYplorer creatively :slightly_smiling:

yes, the usual git “branch per feature” workflow applies. If you have submitted your package to Package Control, then when you are ready to release it, merge it to the main branch and create a new release on the GitHub website and Package Control will ensure all users are updated to the new version.

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