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Question about Interface Suggestions


@wbond Just a quick question please - Is Jon really interested to work on the UI features in the near future that ST users are posting here, or is it for consumption purposes a.k.a - ones which might be done sometime going forward whenever Jon feels like.

Please don’t get me wrong, but it seems that are already enough threads discussing the same thing , but so far nothing has coming out.

Thank you for your time and patience.

With Regards


Interface Suggestions

The Interface Suggestions topic was started as users were adding interface suggestions to the API Suggestions topic. To try and keep the original topic on-topic, I split them out.

In general, we tend not to make too many statements about what we may work on in the future. This is mostly for pragmatic reasons, some things are experimental, and we may abandon them, other times we may not know how long they will take to implement, or what their relative priority may be.

Both Jon and I actively work on Sublime Text. By gathering recent feedback in a centralized location, and by soliciting “Likes” from users, we can help use that to make decisions about what we are working on now and what we’ll do in the future.