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.python-version file - needed? where to place it?


I’m running ST4 (4113) on macOS 11.5.1

In my console at startup, I see lots of messages like “reloading python 3.3 plugin SublimeLinter-shellcheck.linter” etc. Is this of any concern? I use Python 3.9 (Homebrew) and I know that ST4 has a 3.8 Python bundled.

Is there anything that needs to be done here? Or do the plugin developers need to bump their version? I tried putting a .python-version file at ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text/Packages/User and putting 3.8 in it, but that just caused all of my plugins to fail to load, so I reverted it. Not sure if this is just a lot of bikeshedding…
Thank you



It’s up to plugin authors to use 3.8. While you could extract the package and make it use 3.8 there’s no guarantee it will work. Your User package always runs in 3.8.



Ok thanks. Thought maybe there was something that needed to be migrated since I recently moved my configs from ST3.