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Python - Not Working - Leaving Sublime 4


I have tried a lot over the years, basically even stayed without an IDE autocomplete function because of issues that were not resolved.

Finally, I’ve tried everything… there’s just no support. Everything has to be community driven, vs code is a piece of sh** but works properly, it’s nothing like sublime in terms of feel, performance or anything else for that matter but… things sometimes don’t work with sublime and I have to finally leave it after 4 years of struggle.

Still with VS Code I cant have 2 plugins for my work that do work properly…

Fix Sublime Jedi (for Python) or any other autocompletion for that matter.



I assume you’ve not tried LSP with either LSP-pylsp or LSP-pyright; the latter being (I believe) the same server that VSCode uses for it’s completions.

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VS Code uses pylance but it is based on pyright. But the latter one does a quite well job with completions. I wouldn’t recommend python-language-server aka. LSP-pylsp anymore. It got so bloated and slow over the time and seems barly maintained atm.



I’ll give this a shot. I love Sublime Text 4, however, I would like to see some support from the company to maintain core Sublime Packages.


It’s a bit stupid, what does server side language mean, I still don’t know but this LSP thing works and its actually good… here are the steps:

Remove JEDI or whatever other else you have if you still have issues also check to see that your language is set to Python or do CTRL + SHIFT + P > Set Syntax: Python

It’s stupid that there’s no guide for a Python Developer. Like I’ve worked for companies and myself always used Sublime Text and I didn’t know this.

You know how simple this is in other IDEs, you either install Python extension or nothing at all. Please fix.

Include either a guide or a prebuilt set of packages, I don’t care that you are trying to keep it light this is dumb, I don’t like the elitism of Vim type users. Where you have to be an expert to use an editor, I am a software engineer not a Software IDE Configurator, I haven’t taken a course or done a tutorial, nor am I willing to, please consider this message when doing your business updates and talking to the managers.



It’s stupid that there’s no guide for a Python Developer. Like I’ve worked for companies and myself always used Sublime Text and I didn’t know this.

You know how simple this is in other IDEs, you either install Python extension or nothing at all. Please fix.

Python is supported out of the box, files with a .py extension are automatically recognized as using the python syntax. If you want to configure Sublime Text as an IDE that requires third party packages like LSP, but otherwise there’s no packages required for python.



I don’t know if you are an AI but you are answering like one.
Of course it works… even Notepad or Notepad++ works.

That’s not the issue it does some things but a lot of things that are necessary it doesn’t do. This is like free advice for your company and I advise you to take it serious, you need to prefer real world over models, this is software engineering 1o1.

Also do make assumptions but verify them, you are building this lightweight thing that does what it is supposed to do, real quick, insane rendering and layout processing but beyond that this is meant as a solution for software developers, I don’t want to take a course on how to use this thing.

Process should be,

  1. I hear about Sublime Text insane performance and potential features/customizations
  2. I am an Python Developer and I want to install everything I need after the installation by click.
  3. I have a list [ ] Go - [ ] Rust - [x] Python
  4. I choose Python and I can start my development without steps 5,6,7,8,9 i.e. (find more about packages, look at a web blog for packages, package not supported in subl-t4, find anaconda, anaconda not working properly)
  5. I go test it and then buy it
  6. I evaluate the product and it makes sense to buy it.

What your company needs to do

Evaluate everything in the process from finding out about the product to actually running everything. I understand that you know how everything works and everything is available but you are not a normal user, which is like everyone else… I have worked with Sublime Text for years and as you can see I still have those issues I don’t have 2 hours daily to look for solutions.

If you refuse to understand this or escalate or talk to your superiors I won’t be contributing anymore to this discussion and talking to you and your company is fruitless. You are not appreciating user feedback and value through this comments. I have just used my experience with your specific product for years and my own knowledge that I have acquired for years to give you an overview of what I think.

I would even understand if Sublime Text thinks that these are bad ideas after evaluating my text but brushing it off is some next level not caring about the product.



My point is that syntax highlighting, project-wide auto-complete, goto-definition, goto-reference and build systems all do not require extra packages to be installed and you might have a better time using Sublime Text by using it without a laundry list of packages from the first search result. I’ve personally used Sublime Text for a whole host of different languages including Python without doing any configuration or customization. If you want to turn Sublime Text into an IDE there’s of course packages that do that, but it’s designed to be good without needing such language-specific integrations.

FWIW the Anaconda package lists ST4 as supported, though recommends LSP as a possibly better alternative.

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So is pyright the best available python autocompletion for ST4?