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Pyright v pyls


For those embracing the new LSP world for python development, I thought I’d start a general discussion here about and comparing the pyright and pyls(palantir) LSPs for python.

I’ve only used pyright so far and am curious to compare with pyls at some point (if I get the time). But I figure a discussion could be generally helpful.

The main difference from my understanding of pyls is that pyright is monolithic and pyls is modular and that this difference probably spells out the relative strengths and weaknesses already.

For example, pyright provides docstring/signature pop ups as well as type checking, which can cause problems when you want a docstring/signature popup for a package that is not (properly) type hinted (cough, numpy, cough).

I would hope that pyls is a better experience on this front.

But, I also imagine that pyls is generally slower through its reliance on jedi, and more work to set up due to its dependance on installing plugins (for pyls) and python dependancies such as jedi and mypy.

(I’m also running LSP on ST4, and haven’t tried it on ST3 and so I don’t know the differences)