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Publishing plugin to package control


Hey all,

We are trying to publish our package to package control but we are experiencing problems. Does someone know what is the issue for review bot comment?




The automated review catches the more common errors that can occur with adding a package (and warns you about some things), but there is also a manual review that has to happen as well before the merge is completed.

The reviewers work on a voluntary basis, so it can sometimes take a bit of time before the review happens.



Hello @rasha08 :slight_smile:

It is just a warning for the PR reviewer.
- WARNING: '.no-sublime-package' is defined. Please verify that it is *really* necessary

I took a peak at the repo.
You have a requirements.txt file, and you are installing the dependencies inside the plugin ./lib directory?
Probably that is the reason why the ‘.no-sublime-package’ exist.



Hi, just as a heads-up, I intend to go through all open PRs some time over the weekend. (It’s a long weekend so that could be tomorrow as well.)



Hey @FichteFoll, @OdatNurd, my package is using local directory named lib to install some executables used in the plugin, and after review we got a comment to add .no-sublime-package, I’m just curious what is the content of this file.

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The file doesn’t need any particular content; it’s just an indication to Package Control that when it installs your package it should install it directly into the Packages folder, instead of creating sublime-package file and putting it in Installed Packages instead.

The implication of this is that your package is “loose files” in the Packages folder instead of a self contained package, which is needed if your package does anything that requires something external to be able to see the content (like if you provide a library, or a binary, or a script that an external program needs to run, etc).

The reason the automatic reviewer warns you if you have such a file is that packages installed into the Packages folder are harder for the user to modify if they want to tweak things (among other reasons).

From looking at the link you posted and @FichteFoll’s comment, it looks like you already have the file you need but the code is referring to a library that the package is not providing, which it seems is the reason for needing .no-sublime-package in the first place.

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Sorry @OdatNurd this is my first ST plugin, so I’m not sure what is my course of actions to overcome this issue, the lib directory is the directory where I install dependencies that plugin needs to operate, But those are downloaded / installed when user installs plugin, by calling subprocess module.