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Provide control of fold indicator in the API


Right now it seems like the fold indicator: […]
Is hard coded.

It would be really great to have control of the fold indicator from the API.
My orgextended plugin I am currently working on makes extensive use of folds, it would be great if there was a way that I could allow people using my plugin to replace the fold indicator for headings in .org files with a unicode character of their choice.

In addition, in some cases, hiding the fold indicator could help clean up the view. (links are an example, I am currently folding the link address automatically in an org buffer when your cursor leaves a link, it would be nice in that case to simply avoid the fold indicator entirely.



NOTE: I am currently using ST4 and loving it! Thank you for continuing to add great new features like relative line numbers!



I think the icon is controlled by the theme. For the Default and Adaptive themes, it’s in Theme - Default/common/fold.png (+ variants). The color can be changed via the "fold_marker" setting in the color scheme.

But I think it can’t be adjusted dependent on what is beeing folded - heading / function block etc.

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That is what I was guessing.
It would be amazing if this could end up on a feature request list for ST4 somewhere.