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Properly cancel the select-all function


Hi all.

There’s a behaviour of Sublime Text that slightly bothers me. Sometimes I press ctrl+a to select everything, and after that I change my mind. By instinct, I press esc: usually the esc key is meant to cancel the ongoing operation.
What happens instead is that the caret goes to the end of the buffer and everything remains selected. Maybe it is intentional, but I don’t get how this could be useful to anyone; the problem to me here is that now I have lost where the caret was before, and I can’t easily go back.
I’m expecting that pressing esc the selection gets canceled and, most importantly, the caret stays where it is.

I would be possible to change this behavior in a future version of ST?




you could create a custom keybinding for Esc to execute soft_undo when the selection is not empty, no autocomplete and quick panels are open etc



I’ll look into it. Thanks.