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Projects and workspaces in SM


I find myself working on several projects which individually use several repositories. Often, I start a day working on project 1 with repos A, B, C, and will switch to project 2 with repos D,E,F,G in the day.

ST supports the concept of projects which work great for my workflow, a set of projects folder, quick switch project and I’m in business.

SM recently added support for tabs which greatly improved things, but maybe you can combine the two concepts and come up with a mechanism by which SM could save a set of open tabs A,B,C as a “project” and have a similar quick switch project that would restore set D,E,F,G.

Is this a use case many users face?

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These are the closest enhancement requests I could find, but feel free to create one specific to ‘projects’:



Would love this feature! A first draft/basic implementation of Sublime Merge ‘Workspace’ should just simply be a saved tabset.

I am in the same boat and feel exactly your pain, at any point in my day I may have say 3 or even 5 separate SM windows open and each having a number of tabs more open within corresponding to a group of related repos apart of broader project.

Saving each into a persistent Workspace would be a real time saver. Extra points for a terminal command to open Sublime Merge with a given workspace.



just wanted to tack on an extra request apart of this main feature request and that is the ability to open theoretical Sublime Merge workspace by way of an existing VS Code workspace file:

ie- so I can open myProject.code-workspace with Sulbime Merge such that both environments can use the same workspace file.