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Project Tree doesn't update with WSL2


I’ve installed WSL2 on Windows 10 and the project tree on the left won’t update. I’ve installed a plugin so that I can press F5 and it will refresh the tree to show file changes. I think this may have something to do with the WSL2 file system is accessible over a network connection. I’m not a Windows Subsystem for Linux genius, but I think the change between version 1 and 2 has made it where WSL2 has it’s own filesystem. Hope some of this is helpful in explaining the issue. Thanks for the help!


Folders do not refresh when connected to \\wsl$

Encountering the same problem, would love to see a solution.



AFAIK it is an issue with WSL2 not sending proper or any kind of filesytem change notifications. So ST doesn’t get informed about modifications automatically.



Anyone have an update on this? Still not working for me…



It’s on the radar of core devs.

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