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Project-Specific Settings Override


Is it possible to, in some way, create a project configuration in the project folder that overrides the user preferences?

I’d like to be able to override indent type and other factors so that everyone is operating with the same setup for a specific project.

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Have a look at It has plugins for several popular editors and allows you to make project specific settings for

  • indent style

  • indent size

  • eol

  • charset

  • trim trailing whitespace

  • insert final newline

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Is it also possible to specify different paths based on the OS?

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It’s not, but you can use different project files per OS

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That’s how we have to do it right now, but we have specific settings per project, so it’s duplication. Is there any chance we might see this as a feature?

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There’s always

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For project files, I tend to edit them to use relative paths. Still kind of a pain because I have to edit the project file, but a little better than using a different project file per platform.

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I know this is an old thread. The current documentation of projects seems pretty similar to docs for version 2. Is it still not possible to make os specific settings for projects similar to “osx” , “linux” & “windows” for the build systems? I am looking for a way to reuse my project file on different operating systems and need a way to specify the folder paths differently per operating system.

The content of my projects is managed with Github and I would like to have the same project settings on different operating systems. I could copy a project file and rename it and change the path. But that would mean that I can’t make sure that edits of other features in it, e.g. build-system or lsp/venv settings would stay in sync. Any idea?

“path”: “/Users/dh/Documents/python-playground”