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Project name in the window title


I’d like to replace with custom regex path by a custom label.

Could you describe a bit more what you want to do ? That sounds interesting.

I put “unregistered”: true in the setting file but I don’t see what does it change on ST 3.1.1

The plugin finds the Sublime windows by its name, the settings allows to look for windows ending by “(UNREGISTERED)”.
Without the setting set the plugin will probably won’t work.



It doesn’t seem to update the Window titles right away when you change the pattern in the settings
Another option for displaying the file path that you don’t seem to have would be “just the filename”

Good ideas, I added that. It will arrive with the next release. I have a Windows PR I’d like to test before doing the release.

it doesn’t seem to write the title of the window until you focus the window.

This is a Windows only restriction. Sublime freeze if I try to change the title in “plugin_loaded” callback. I don’t know why. So on Windows you have to select all windows one by one. I’ll try to come up with a better system, but it’s not easy.



This has been solved in st4, as described here:

In your settings, set "show_project_first": true,