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Project and workspace files


Any chance we can make thise DOT files so they are not cluttering up my project tirectories?



Have you tried naming your workspace file e.g. “.sublime-workspace”? Haven’t tried it, but it could work.



the workspace files were created by st2 and were given the same name as my projects root directory. so if i have a project called “project” st2 creates project.sublime-project and project.sublime-workspace. i didnt try dotting those files, let me see if that works.

this works but doesnt work.

you can rename your proj.sublim-project file to .proj.sublime-project but st2 still creats a non doted workspace file.



If you just want to exclude items from the side-bar (folder/file list) then you can add them to your user-settings:

[code] “file_exclude_patterns”:

	"*.sublime-project", "*.sublime-workspace"


errr no, you totally miss the point here. i wish to exclude them from the **directory ** listings. i wish to exclude them from version control. I do not want project configuration files cluttering up my source trees. In fact, I woud prefer it if ST2 put the different project files somewhere other than inside the project directories - say in ~/.project.sublime-project would be nicer (but again… as a DOT file).

Open project could then scan ~ and give a list of projects that are available instead of me having to browse to ~/projects/language/operating-system/planetary-alignment/project-name/ (im making that up of course). But even having to do this would be cleaner if the project and workspace files were HIDDEN :smile:

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Normally I would just follow the guidelines and upvote, but since this is buried so deep, I’ll bump instead.

@jps @wbond Naming things is hard. Can you, please, allow .sublime-project and .sublime-workspace? Or do you disagree about this having a place in ST? I’m currently using ..sublime-* instead, and it’s an eyesore.



Just out of curiosity, if you don’t want these files to show up in your directory listings (or as the OP mentioned, be in source control), why not just store the project files in some other location instead?

For example, you could create a directory named SublimeProject (or .sublime_projects, if you want the folder to also be hidden) and just save your projects in there instead. The workspace automatically follows the project location, so you’d be left with just your project’s source files in the project folders.

Regardless of the location of the project file, the project quick switcher will remember it for swapping between projects that you’ve already created, and Project > Edit Project will allow you to quickly hand edit it if needed.

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OdatNurd has got it right. There is absolutely no reason to change the names of these files.



@OdatNurd I could do that, but that’s even more of a workaround, compared to a double-dot. It also prevents me from checking .sublime-project into version control.

@nutjob2 I’m not asking to adjust any defaults, just make ST accept .sublime-* files without a name. At a quick glance, I can’t see how this change could ruin anybody’s day.

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Indeed this is not a good solution if you actually want your sublime-project files in source control.

One barrier to project files (essentially) not having a name is that the project filename is used in various places like the quick switch project popup and the window caption. So those areas would have to be identified and also modified (e.g. an optional name key) to continue being useful, which leads to having to provide more UI to set that up, etc.



The issue brings a few good arguments for this case.



That’s also what Project Manager does. Unless there’s some added problem by using it.



It’s been a while. Any progress on this?