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Problems with code folding since ST4



Ever since ST4, I have had problems with code folding. I have waited to ask for help because I wanted to see if I could pin down a reason, or circumstances, but I cannot. It seems unpredictable and very frustrating.

I am writing C exclusively at the moment.

The first symptom is that, sometimes, when I open a file in which I have previously manually folded functions at the opening curly bracket, the ellipsis in yellow appears in some random place. I particularly notice it when the function begins with a comment, and the ellipsis appears half way through the comment:

int myFunction(thingy thing,
               jobby  job,
               doo    dah)
    /* The weird thing about this function is that something odd
     * happens when you (...)

The second, and much more frustrating, symptom occurs when I want to open a previously folded function to have a look at it. In this case, I click on the unfold arrow, and then click somewhere in the unfolded function, and the function promptly folds up again.

Has anyone else experienced these phenomena? Do you have a fix?



Does it happen in safe mode?



I’ve not been able to make it happen in safe mode, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. These things don’t happen all the time.



What plugins do you have installed? I’m guessing one that persists fold regions after the file is closed?