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Problem with UI scale


I am trying to set my user interface to something that is actually usable on my laptops 4k monitor and if i set the UI scale to something large enough that I can actually read the bottom status line my entire sidebar fonts become REALLY REALLY HUGE. If i do not then the status bar reads like … . . . … <— font size!

How do I set the font size used in the bottom status bar to a readable size while not making my entire side panel fonts so large i have to use up most of my desktop real-estate just to be able to see file names in the side bar?

The font size in the side bar was perfect, the font size in the edit window was perfect, the stats bar fonts were microscopic.



Changing ui_scale setting should scale all UI elements with specified factor.

If “font_size” setting is set to sane values (e.g.: 9-11pt) it should be displayed nearly the same size as sidebar and statusbar.

UI elements’ font sizes can individually be adjusted by modifying the active theme (see: UI: Customize Theme).



the problem is not the edit windows font size, the problem is that if i set the UI scale to a size where I can actually read the contents of the status bar my side bar project file list font is FREEEEEEEEEEEEKKKIIIIIIINNGNNNNGNGNGNGG HUGE!!!
if I dont, the status bar reads like … . . . … <-- THIS!!!



Statusbar and side bar (as all other UI elements) use nearly the same font settings (name and size) in most available themes. Hence there seems to be no obvious reason for huge differences in size (of sidebar and statusbar).

Does it happen with a specific theme?

Maybe try to temporarily rename ST’s data dir to revert to a freshly installed state and check, whether changing ui_scale still has the same effect (when using Default Theme).

Also information about ST version and OS might be helpful. If hardware_accelleration is enabled malfunctioning GPU drivers may be a reason also.

Maybe a broken *.sublime-theme file is breaking parts of the GUI. But that’s all just guesses from little information provided.

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this did go away, ty for the response, cant remember what I did to resolve it.