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Problem with terminus


I have an problem with terminus in sublime. I have done this changes in keybindings user in sublime text 3.

[ { “keys”: [“ctrl+a”], “command”: “auto_save” },

    "keys": ["ctrl+t"], "command": "terminus_open", "args": {
        "cwd": "${file_path:${folder}}"


First when i start it is blanck.

Second after a long time the terminal in terminus startes and i get these error messages.

bash: /etc/profile: line 14: syntax error near unexpected token `)’

bash: /etc/profile: line 14: `y}O%wZG+ܜh7y~o2SBՓMTԶlgi"0Ż֋|!$RvGuKXG=$'1]V.OsT*Q=GLSZyt~zR-+!\Koi(+}|V E ܙ,g-_ȟ7_d_evy!w)yt/P<ǑzoΛ4g4|[Mύt?yٳt?&m|]]>F4o27Gm?R"AGx}?EY_kgTr)G~|ϥ<~j’ii~{%:NʗNtP:@xֻCȟ Mx)Ȟ5TɾSTP=;Huz}4ag)VivՓ)i ?M’Q~N’Q~vͤ3BnJYڿ1d&Kw|si?(S2wQ D~zC)S-TZ\k{և俙vO(>a]nIKtV-wRHm&(jp=;Tdo"ۘχh>kN啕t^4[


oo&>ʥ͢|Ow={Fǒz3},ͿN0R&J8շ#v9@’~tߝk3ŷ-Ftw?_HI猧Dd.k"’~IBo{aZ-7aR|]:H^C=ُ=6cqy}zt~~9MgA+ݷn俥-=֛MҠr jonteyh@jonteyh-Compaq-CQ58-Notebook-PC:~/Udemy/Andrei_Neagoie/The_Complete_Web_Developer_in_2020:Zero_to_Mastery/Section_19:React.js+_Redux$

I tried to google it with bash: /etc/profile: line 14: syntax error near unexpected token `)’ But i coudn’t find anything and i don’t know which file it is an problem with?