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Problem with plugin Stino (Arduino like IDE)


I’d like to try sublimetext3 aa my primary arduino compiler.
I download program and install plugin by “Preferences/Package control” menu, after i set patches in “Preferences/Package setings/Stino (Arduino like IDE)”.
In result i can chose board etc, i can compile easy example succesfull, but… cant compile any sketch with included library.
When i try compile such sketch, i can see only “[Step 1] Check Toolchain.
[Step 2] Find all source files.” nothing more :frowning:
i tryed many time, tryed reinstall plugin too, but w/o any progres, still basic sketches compile but sketches with included library hang on step 2.

Any idea/hint?

Ty in advance for help



really? no1 have any idea???
thanks a lot for support ;p



if no one shares the same experience with you, you may ask questions on its github repository.