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Problem copying and pasting from Google Docs


I am having a problem copying and pasting from Google Docs.

When I copy multiple rows or lines from Google Docs into Sublime, it paste them as a single line, with all the content together.

Not sure if this is something related with hardware, as I’ve recently switched computers and before it was not happening. Working with an Apple Mac Silicon Chip.



Does this also happen pasting into Notes or other plain text apps?



No, it does not happen with other plain text apps. Just Sublime.



Which web browser are you using?



Ok, so apparently it’s related to Safari browser as it works well with Chrome.

So the bug is related to: Google Docs + Safari Browser + Sublime Text



Is this bug detected?



Google and Microsoft are market leaders in making features and applications in a manner where the behavior anyone is most likely to expect is difficult to execute. This is the purpose of special line end codes, and character sets. They do that, I believe, to try confining your activity to specific actions they can rely upon for harvesting your energy into their objectives.

If you think about it, copying in or out of Google docs is exactly the type of uncontrollable activity that could be undertaken for almost anything a person might imagine, up to and including Q-Anon. Google and Microsoft do not want that, so they deliberately make it easy to get information they have chosen for us get in and out, but information of our choosing?

Let me put it like this: Would it be possible to move information that is not scheduled to be considered true for at least three weeks, a scenario of moving data into or out of Google Docs? Imagine a scenario where your non-scientific, far right wing mind had conducted serious experiments and other research where you concluded the nineteenth of co-veed conceivably could have emerged from a place other than the wild natural word (of course not a lab, but some other human facility). To protect you from moving that kind of information, our great leaders and Microsoft and Google have arranged their document support functions to inhibit that kind of information flow

What you should have learned from this comment by now is all of us should be thanking these companies for protecting us

If some day, the people in charge of setting truth decide that it is safe to move information about the lab believed previously only by hateful, irresponsible, democracy-hating radical conspiracy theoriests, buttons will be added to Google docs, as an example, that put the information into uyour document in correct form. If you want to move something you write into Google docs from another document, this is a free country and you are free to make your own free online document and office applications.,

Good luck, as all of us join in wishing you well in all your future endeavors.



Would it be possible for you to post a document in this thread with steps for reproducing the problem, in order to determine if the problem affects everyone meeting certain conditions, or instead, affects only you based on some condition that applies to no else?