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Priority of completion items


Apparently I asked this question in 2017! But things have changed.

I love the fact that the default completion includes symbols from your entire project.

However, I have a plugin which adds my own items to the completion list.

The problem is that my items seem to override the ones from the index, which isn’t great because the ones from the index have more information.

Is there a way to prefer those from the index? My understand is my plugin just produces a list, but that there is no way for me to interact with other plugins or Sublime Text in order to affect the order.



Maybe experiment with auto_complete_preserve_order ?

	// Controls how the auto complete results are reordered when typing:
	// - "none" will fully reorder the results according to how well the
	//   completion matches the typed text.
	// - "some" will partially reorder the results, taking into account how
	//   well the completion matches whats typed, and likelihood of the
	//   completion.
	// - "strict" will never reorder the results.
	"auto_complete_preserve_order": "some",


Yeah I don’t really understand that, but thanks.

I have no idea if mine come first or last, or whether mine overrides the ones from the system. Maybe I will try them out and see what I get.