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Printing Capability


Obviously more than you and obviously not just my requirement. That’s just it, it’s not the frequency that matters, anyway, it’s the requirement. That’s also analogous to saying why bother adding any other feature you use that I don’t (and there are likely many…as in the multitude of languages that it supports that I don’t use). It’s really a weak argument. A browser has no real need for a print function, but it has one. I rarely print from it, but without it, Sublime would have one less way to use it’s plugins to do that. Hmmm… Seriously.



The language are the only thing that you can’t use at 100%, because I don’t think anybody knows how to code in all of them. But if you add up every needs for the community, it’s a need. if you don’t get syntax highlighting, I don’t think it’s worth using that editor (even if it’s Sublime Text :smile:).

Me either didn’t use the other features, simply because I wasn’t aware of them. Once you are, you find a way to use them everywhere, and it saves you a lot of time. Now, I can’t use any editor that doesn’t have them.

If you could open whatever file in your browser, with a default stylesheet (customisable if you like CSS), would it suits your needs?

It’s really easy to do, less than 5 mins. I really think it’s something you’re going to regret, not using Sublime Text because of a print feature.



@math2001, to some people it is the principle of it. This print argument has been alive forever. Some people just don’t want to use a workaround, or even try it.



Print as HTML is good enough for me, but it fails with any file contain BOM, i.e: UTF-16 LE with BOM



There are 1-2-300 users that (constantly) asks for printing. On the other hand, there are 11M users. 11 freakin millions! If the printing was real a deal breaker, probably it was just a bit more on demand than it is, don’t you think?

In reality, I could bet that most users don’t need nor notice the printing issue.

So you say any requirement should be implemented in ST?

If yes, can i haz some unicorns? :smiley:

On a more serious note: there are few plugins that implements printing in a way or another. It’s a hacky way, agree, but ST is known for extensibility. Why not implement printing as a plugin? :slightly_smiling:



With literally no way to back up your claims, those are worthless statements. I could also argue that 11 million users don’t use all the features in the program, so those features should never have been added.



My claims that there are 2-300 users that ask for printing support? Please check the existing topcis an see how many users are discussing there.



This topic is cute.

Oh, and I also want to mention that I actually have printed several web pages using my browser. The number isn’t huge, but it is certainly higher than the number of times I printed something from a text editor (which is 2 in the recent years).



I like Sublime and a lot of plugins for it.
I use Sublime instead of all my IDEs when I’m coding in different asm languages. I also use it to code with C.

By the way I even use it like COM terminal (edited parts of Stino Plugin) and it’s pretty nice that I can colorize all I need in my text logs with my own language log scheme.

In some tasks I have to print a lot of my logs during one day and I have to mention points of interest (colorized with sublime). But I have to copy all logs in Word, Excel (hex logs), edit them with them and then print it.





I guess the real question is why the few people here that are opposed to having a print function are. It makes little sense to be concerned about a feature that you supposedly rarely use in a program that has many functions that many people using it rarely use. What difference does it make to you who don’t care about it, especially when it’s been on the backburner for 8+ years? Sounds a lot like trolling to me.

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It’s not that people are against it. No one is against print. Most would welcome it. Jon as made his intentions clear in regards to printing. He has stated that he currently feels his time is better spent elsewhere than devising a cross platform print solution. If he changes is mind, no one would oppose it.

The few people who say they don’t care, understand it is not in the roadmap, and that there is no amount of complaining that is going to change it, and they are okay with that. Those people do not consider printing a pivotal feature, just a nice to have. Would printing be nice? Sure. Are there other ways to print? Definitely. Would I personally use an lesser code editor over Sublime just because it can print? No. But others feel differently.



Still waiting on the “Print” command. Being a coder I really need to print out my source and debug/make comments etc. I get it that the genx folks are trying to be green, good for you go be green elsewhere. If you are charging money for your product, and I am paying for it… I expect to print.
Thanks, and please escalate the Print function issue.

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Is it possible to sticky an FAQ or something and close topics like this? People keep bumping them without adding anything of value.



I also suggested the same thing, but its better to have bumps on a few topics than lots of duplicate topics



Any occasion I’ve had to print something from Sublime, I just hit

⌘A, ⌘C, ⌘tab to another app that prints, ⌘V, ⌘P

Takes all of 10 seconds.

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Ah yes…nothing of value, like the recently added 8K monitor support. Talk about a waste of time. LOL!



It’s good that ST doesn’t have printing, otherwise we’d have these obnoxious sorts here all the time.



Wait, didn’t you jump ship for another product? Or did you just update ST so you’d have a reason to come back and grind this axe?

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If you are not able to figure out another way to print, then I don’t think you should be touching any code.