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Printing Capability


It’s good that ST doesn’t have printing, otherwise we’d have these obnoxious sorts here all the time.



Wait, didn’t you jump ship for another product? Or did you just update ST so you’d have a reason to come back and grind this axe?

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If you are not able to figure out another way to print, then I don’t think you should be touching any code.



This sure gets requested a lot for a feature nobody would use.



For what it’s worth, I ended up in this forum because I was certain I must be missing something when I couldn’t find a way to print from sublime.

It’s not a big deal and there are plenty of alternatives. I love sublime for other reasons (huge files, json formatting), but I was surprised. Also surprised by the forum animosity.

To the discussion I will only add this point of view. I wouldn’t bother with a printing plugin specifically because there are so many alternatives at hand and I don’t need it often.




Came here for the same issue, considered this as a stable text editor company-wide. But spending 2750 dollars a year for a text editor that can’t print by default is to us just a deal breaker, considering we print many thousands pages of text every year. We are required both by law and clients, to have some of our data in printed form.

Yes, there are plugins and you can of course, install Notepad++, copy it to that, then print there, but honestly it just makes us question what other basic functionality it misses.

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For 50-80 dollars per seat, you shouldn’t have to figure out another way.

It would be like buying Excel, only to find out that it can’t calculate and you have to use the calculator for that.

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No, it’s like complaining that Excel won’t play your MP3 files.

Now you probably can get Excel to play MP3 files, but you can also get ST to print since there’s a plugin for it.

The reason people like ST is because it’s focused on one thing, and it does it very well: editing text. Printing is not a core function of ST, get over it.

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Not to mention the fact that also ST’s direct “competitor” (Atom before and VScode now) needs a plugin to print too, so the lack of native printing capability is not so uncommon but pretty standard imho…



Text editing goes in hand with printing (the vast majority of commercial text editors allow printing), comparing it to excel/MP3 is beyond silly. So, lets look at Atom editor, one important difference, Atom is FREE, Notepad++ is FREE, Visual Studio Code is FREE. ST want 50-65 dollars A YEAR per user in any form of commercial setting and still 80 dollars+upgrade fee later for just a personal user. So to compare them is again silly.

So fine, you don’t use printing or need it as a core function, that up to you.

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Atom/VSCode are free, even for commercial use. So they can be excused. Not direct competitors. If ST wants to be like Atom/VSCode, they could slash prices to 0 dollars too. Hey, it is a great product (even though it is wonky when used across multiple machines) and I have no problem paying, this is just a deal breaker for anything further. That is fine, if we for the for the price aren’t allowed to voice what we need, they could just shut this forum down.



ST is loved and paid for by people who code and create websites and the like, that’s why it doesn’t have a printing facility. It’s generally pointless for these people to print, and for the minority that do, it’s usually a sign of incompetence or mediocrity.

But you need printing. Congratulations! So go and find a tool that satisfies your needs instead of trying to ruin or at least diminish a fine product that is working for all of us who it is mean for.

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That is fine, if we for the for the price aren’t allowed to voice what we need, they could just shut this forum down.

No-one is stopping you from posting your nonsensical rants here, but I’m wondering why you’re so upset that other people are also free to post their own opinions, including those that are contrary to, or criticise yours. You must feel that you’re somehow special, with special rights beyond everyone else’s.



It is a somewhat shoddy way to run a business. But how exactly does it ruin your product?



Ah this thread never ceased to entertain: an infinite loop of people arguing aggressively over basic facts:

  • printing is not a core feature and will very likely never be, no matter the number of request or how aggressive/patronizing the post is (which by the way is kind of the worst way to request something …)
  • printing can be done by plugin
  • plugins are not a work-around, they are the main way to adapt Sublime to your workflow.
  • ST does not have to address everyone needs, not all editors should be the same, to each its strength, up to you to find the one that fit your need the best.

But hey, please continue to insult each others, I’ll prepare some popcorn :slight_smile:



It’s not my product, I didn’t write it. But Sublime Text would be ruined if it was loaded up with pointless features which would increase complexity and maintainability. ST is good because it’s largely a fast, simple editor. Having the developers distracted from the core functionality would diminish the rest of the product because it would get less attention and would lose focus. There are many, many bloated apps out there which do many things, none of them particularly well. Go and seek those out instead of trying to make ST one of them is what I’m saying.



I print code almost every day.

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Don’t worry, one day you’ll learn how to code and you won’t need to anymore.



I have been writing code since 1975: college(undergraduate, and grad school), hobby stuff, and 25 years as a software engineer.
You will find my work in published software.

Some things are best done on the screen, some things work best on paper.
It is much easier to tutor somebody with the code on paper.

I find that I can quickly and easily mark up a paper listing, With all my ideas on paper, I can then concenrate on implementing each individual cange without worrying that I will forget some of the ideas or the details.



You’re right… BUT :slight_smile: SublimeText is a TEXT EDITOR. People expect a text editor to offer a print function and I think this is perfectly understandable. If I’m spending $ 80 on a text editor, I’d like to be able to print, for example, a shopping list from it, if I need to. And that’s without the need to install anything extra.
Printing does not require any special effort from programmers or writing complicated procedures. Nearly every programming book describes how to easily print plain unformatted text.

You can also look at it from a business perspective: if printing were implemented, SublimeText could gain a larger group of users who - maybe rarely - but still want to use printing.

I don’t mind printing with a plugin. It’s a great solution. There is one condition - it must work, ideally without having to manually install additional libraries, relying on external programs (browser) and so on.

SublimeText is my favorite editor, I’ve been using it daily for seven years. I would prefer not to use other editors, installed or launched just to be able to print a few lines of text from time to time. Hope it’s not that hard to understand.