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Print won't display in terminal


Just did a fresh install of Sublime on a new Windows PC and for some reason when I run my Python code, nothing I print shows up in the terminal. The [Finished in 0.1s] message shows up, so I know its being executed without errors, but that is all the text that appears in the terminal. Is there a setting that I need to modify?


Sublime not executing my py files

This is likely a problem in your python code and not Sublime Text. It would be helpful to post that. Do also note that the build output panel is not a terminal: It doesn’t take input, doesn’t provide width/height to the program, etc.

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That also happens to me… it is not a code problem because it runs ok in Visual Studio, for example



It’s really difficult to say anything without more information. For example, how did you run it in Visual Studio, the code, if it could be posted, what you tried in Sublime Text & what went wrong etc etc. Just like a doctor who needs information on every possible symptom before diagnosing the problem, if someone is to help you, you need to provide more information (What you tried, what did you expect, what failed, console logs, version, os etc).

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