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Print color scheme preference


I love the new Print feature. But, when I do need to print a page I need to first go in and change my color scheme to one that has a white background and good contrast. It would be super convenient if there were a preference where users could specify a different color scheme for when the page is sent to the browser for rendering/printing.



It is pretty easy to write a wrapper command around html_print (The command behind File -> Print) to first change the color scheme to something you want (without affecting your global color scheme).

import sublime
import sublime_plugin

class CustomPrintCommand(sublime_plugin.WindowCommand):

    def run(self, color_scheme = None):
        # If we are not provided with a color scheme, then simply run the print command
        # with the current color scheme.
        if color_scheme is None:
        # We first load the required settings file.
        preferences = sublime.load_settings("Preferences.sublime-settings")
        # We get the current color scheme so that we have a record of it.
        current_color_scheme = preferences.get("color_scheme")
        # If we don't find the color_scheme resource, we bail out.
        if len(sublime.find_resources(color_scheme)) == 0:
            sublime.status_message("No color scheme {} found".format(color_scheme))
        preferences.set("color_scheme", color_scheme)
        # We then print the current view.
        # Once the print is done, we set back the old color scheme.
        preferences.set("color_scheme", current_color_scheme)

Save the above file as a python file with any name you want in the User directory. You can then either have a key binding for it, a menu item, a command palette item, anything that makes you comfortable.

An example key binding for it (You can set the color scheme using the color_scheme argument)

        "keys": ["ctrl+shift+u"],
        "command": "custom_print",
        "args": {
            "color_scheme": "Material (Palenight).sublime-color-scheme"