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Predictive Code?


My Sublime Text predicted my code before the last update, and it does not do it anymore. Is there a workaround for this?

I would type <p> and it would auto-create the </p> for me immediately, it no longer does this.

My fingers have been trained to follow that pattern, and now it no longer exists. I feel like I am stuck in the backrooms and can’t get out. My days seem longer, someone help. Ha




Unless you have a plugin doing it the default behavior is to have the closing tag auto-completed when typing </. Note this only works when HTML syntax highlighting is set.



ST provides various ways to add closing tags:

  1. typing <p and commiting completion (e.g. via hitting tab key) would expand to <p></p>
  2. typing <p> and hitting alt+. key is equivalent to typing </ which also adds closing tag </p>.
  3. Main Menu > Edit > Tag > Wrap Selection With Tag automatically syncs closing tag’s name while editing the opening tag.
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