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Possible to configure window title? Want project name first!


Is the title that appears in the title bar (and hence, in the Windows Task Bar) configurable?

I would like it to display the project name first, before the path of the file.

My rationale is that I often have several sublime windows open, each one on a different project. Most of my projects live under d:\project, which is about all of the file path that I can see when it is truncated to fit into a task bar button. So it is usually a trial-and-error process for me to find the correct sublime window for the project that I’m looking for.

It would be very nice if the title bar showed the project name first, then I would be able to easily distinguish my task bar entries.

If there’s not a way to do this but changing the title is supported via the plugin API somehow then I know enough python that I might be able to piece together something if people pointed me to sufficient reference material.



currently this is not possible, but it is a fairly popular request:



Check out this thread: Project name in the window title