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Position of a plot window in matplotlib.pyplot


I’m creating plots with Sublime build system. Its is creating plots with no problems. But plot is not created at a specific position, just random. Is there any way to specify position of a plot on the screen.

Also I would like to make the plot window “Always on top” and that focus is back on Sublime. In that way I can continue to type in Sublime and have created plot on the site.



Sublime is only executing an external program and allowing it to do its thing.

All else being equal, something like this is probably possible if the program you’re executing has options that allow you to control where on the screen it displays and the window state.

Apart from that, I would guess that you need some extra third party program that can find and position windows of other applciations for you based on command line arguments and include executing it as part of the build. Outside of Linux (and wmctrl) I don’t know of any such applications firsthand though.

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