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Portable Mac?


Are there any plans to make a portable version of ST2 that would run on the Mac? Or in the meanwhile, provide some way of specifying the user data directory so that configurations can be more easily shared across platforms?

(In my particular instance, I’m hoping to just point to my Dropbox so new snippets/plugins/etc just magically appear on all my machines).



One thing you can do is work it the opposite way. I know not ideal, but once you get one mac setup the way you like it, copy that directory to your dropbox. Then on all other macs, you just replace ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/User with a sym link to your dropbox.




That works fine for the Mac, but I’m wanting to share my Packages directory with Windows machines as well (so snippets and whatnot just work across various machines). It looks like the --data command line option no longer exists in ST2 (is that the case?), so I’ve moved to keeping the portable build in my Dropbox and symlinking my Mac data directories appropriately.

The one hitch in this is that Windows doesn’t seem to be happy letting me set an exe in Dropbox to be the default handler for a file type, so I can’t double-click on a file in explorer and have it open.

Does anybody know a better way to have ST2 use a different data directory?



Perhaps the problem with setting it as a default file handler is the same one as in this thread?:



Have you tried a symlink on Windows as well?



I tried a shortcut, but that didn’t work because (I’m guessing) the program sees it as a file. Does Windows have a “more real” symlink functionality?



Vista added support for symlinks, and on XP you should be able to use a junction point for the same thing.



Ah ha, that seemed to do the trick. Thanks! I remember trying to do the same thing with a save game directory once and it making Civ5 blow up. I had just assumed that it wasn’t actually a “thing” I could do.

Carry on…