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Plugin settings name


I’m trying to add a settings file to my package that happens to have a different name on Package Control and on github. I can’t seem to find a ‘proper’ way to do this, and after a quick survey it seems that a lot of packages just choose their ‘public’ name over their repository name. This unfortunately means that the package can no longer be used when installing un-packaged, and will have to be locally modified to allow further development.

Is there a suggested way to do this?



A settings file is defined by sublime.load_settings("WhatEverWorks.sublime-settings") Any kind of name is valid. It doesn’t need to match the plugin name but propably should be meaningful enough for a user to be able to know to which plugin it belongs.

If you are talking about adding it to Main.sublime-menu the package name is fixed.

You would want to rename your local repo to match the official name on Package Control to do development without modifying resources.

git clone "Official Name" would clone your repo to a package with the official name for instance.

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Sounds like a sensible compromise. Thanks for your help!