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Please consider accepting more payment methods such as crypto


I really like sublime text and I want to purchase it, but payment methods available on the webpage are completely blocked in my country to prevent local currency from losing value. Paypal isn’t even available and local banks don’t allow foreign currency transactions.

It would be great if sublime can add crypto payments for people like me, who genuinely want to buy the product, but can’t due to circumstances outside of our control.

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We don’t ever plan on supporting crypto-currencies.



Unfortunately, today there are not many places where you can pay anything with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is quite volatile, so some stores do not want to accept payments in crypto. Although, on the other hand, volatility can bring good profits. Cryptocurrency gives a lot of opportunities to make money. But trading is always a risk, so newbies need to learn more about risk free investment. Safe investments are less profitable, but they guarantee that you won’t lose money.