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PHP + HTML Syntax Coloring


(sorry for my very bad english)

I’m new on ST3 and need a good color scheme to work PHP inside a HTML, but focusing in php language. Anything like this:

I want see PHP string and HTML Tag Properties in a different color (red marks in image)

<?php and variables in a HTML line are not changing background (yellow marks) How to change line number color? (green mark) How to show and change line indentation marks? (blue mark) Where can I find all PHP scopes to change ou create my own Color Scheme? My objetive is did a Color Scheme like this: []( It's just a example, don't need be exactly


1- for the scheme ,check Neon color scheme which does some very decent job with code highlighting.
2- the line numbers color are related to something call gutter & gutterForeground in the color scheme you are using ,u can simply open that file and change the colors to what u need.
3- check the ST default settings file ,search for “space” and you will find everything you need to change.
4- you can use something like “scope hunter” for helping with the scope names.



Thank you very much.

Scope Hunter help me to found what I need.

I’m using “Failcoder” scheme with modification using ScopeHunter. The result is near perfect:



How did you this <?php (color: red and background: black)? What theme? I want to use it

Thank you