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Phantom input


I am building a custom org mode like plugin and would like to support something like column mode.

This effectively shows a text layer over every visible heading reflecting certain properties of the item. The overlay behaves like a row in an org mode table. This gives the user a really powerful way to edit properties across a folded document. It also gives the user full context as only the heading is visibly different and headings can be expanded for a quick peek while planning.

I am trying to think of a non destructive way of accomplishing this in sublime. Phantoms struck me as a potential item but they cannot receive input. Is there any other tool for altering the buffer visually without destroying the actual contents? I will go down the temporary copy road if that is the only alternative but in a large org mode file that could get very expensive.



I don’t think it’s possible at this moment.

Otherwise, there is no point @OdatNurd made an relatively inferior PoC for editing inline CSS weeks ago (and community members obviously were exciting with his PoC). He could just go editing it in the same file if it’s somehow possible.