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Personalizing text editors to improve health and de-stress


Hi All,

What if these colors and font style would calm your heart rate down and improve your immune system?

So every time you use Sublime as a text editor, a simple interface can customize the background color and font style.
Then hours of developing become less stressful and more calming.

A first prototype showed that heart rates can lower 10-40 beats per minute if the user experiences a personalized color. The prototype uses the web or phone camera and machine learning to detect heart rate, and a patent-based (to avoid big companies from misusing biometrics) to personalize.
We are a team of developers, neuroscience researchers and mindfulness experts have been working on personalizing colors and font styles. Please check our prototype video at

We’ld be happy to just collaborate on this as a feature for Sublime, and to offer this for any user. It could keep the biodata in each device, and suggest a color and font style, or already change and adapt it once or in realtime continuously.





wow , This is so nice. In such a way people can prevent stress!



I will be happy if such things will appear because I am working all the time with photoshop and all day my eyes are pointed to the computer. You can be sure that in my job staying face to face with the computer can affect not only eyesight but can give you some stress time and besides that, you stay all day long on a chair. So you have 2 problems, your sight, and your back pain. Imagine having headaches and back pains. Fortunately, I solved my back problem by ordering a pressure massager from, and every time I feel a little tension I grab it and do a quick massage and it relaxes me.