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Permission denied MacOS Ventura


On a Mac mini and MacBook Air today both running Ventura I am suddenly getting permission denied when trying to perform any actions in sublime merge.

It still works fine on an iMac running Catalina with the same credentials.

If I run the command in the console that is getting denied from the command line it asks for my password and works just fine but I can’t seem to find where I need to put this password or enter it for sublime merge to say pull successfully.

I have gone round in circles for hours now trying to store the password in keychain and key gen command and am close to just giving up.

Does anyone know what has happened or what is going on?

Example: git -c credential.helper=/private/var/folders/dr/k01m0b9d0j5145vh10b553bw0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/612E7F94-4051-4ACC-9323-F13C7CF8CFD5/d/Sublime\ pull --ff-only --progress
Result: failed with exit code 1

Run the same from command line asks for password then works.




iMac has started requesting password for push and pull however this box does not appear on the machines running Ventura.



Ok finally got to the bottom of it very weird.

Had to change permissions of the files on the server:

chmod 700 .ssh
chmod 0644 authorized_keys

I have no idea what could have suddenly changed this, but the above about the user input required box not appearing on Ventura still seems valid.