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Perform 'find in files' for currently selected text


Is there a way to configure key bindings to perform a ‘Find in files’ search for the currently selected text?



Just selected the text you would like to search and press Ctrl+Shift+F

If you are talking about selecting text in several views and make the Find in Files to search on the opened views selected text, then, you cannot. You create a plugin with a keybind which ask you for a search input and search on the view on the selected text.



Thanks @addons_zz! I’m looking to jump straight from selected to results if that makes sense? I want to skip the step where I have to first open the find/replace dialog (Ctrl+Shift+F) then press Enter.



I think you could be able to write some Sublime Text plugin to do that.

But you can also write a AutoHotKey script to do that, after triggering a custom keybind.

Just make a script to press Ctrl+Shift+F and Enter.