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Package not showing up in Package Control



I wrote a small package that I submitted to the Package Control default channel following the steps in using the following configuration:

	"name": "Linearize XML",
	"details": "",
	"releases": [
			"sublime_text": "*",
			"tags": true

My pull request has been merged some time ago but when I’m searching for my package on or inside Sublime Text it is not showing up.

Does anyone have an idea how to find out why my package is missing?

Thank you



There was a problem reported a couple of months ago regarding packages on BitBucket being missing, and the ultimate reason is that Package Control uses the version 1 API for downloading packages, which has been deprecated in favor of a new one.

The result of that is that any existing package that is on BitBucket shows as missing on the PackageControl website because the crawler can’t get updated information on it, and any newly added package will not show up in the listing for the same reason.

There is a forthcoming fix for this, but it hasn’t been released yet as far as I’m aware.



Thank you for the hint, @OdatNurd. I compared my package to some others but didn’t realize that ‘bitbucket’ was the problem :slight_smile:.