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Package install not working


Install Package Control is the only package that will install on macOS Monterey 12.3.1 and otherwise Sublime Text 4126 is useless, in this respect. For example, using fresh 4126 download, Sublime Web Colors shows but will not install. Ditto, Seth Color Scheme is nudged but will not install. Only Package Control will install. Built in schemes like Mariana work as expected, easily edited in Sublime Text. Package Control Install Package is showing all the registered Packages, but nothing will install. PyV8 is not showing in Package Control List Packages.

Finder folders dropped in Sidebar create useful structure. Is there a way to drag in color schemes? Is there another way to install PackageResourceViewer, using a drop?



  1. No sub1 here. No PyV8 here. Drag-and-drop, flakey, then failing, then not working.
    Does Sublime Text 4 (3?) need to be updated for macOS 12.3.1?
    Compatibility is failing. Fading fast.

  2. Another weird thing, ST4 dependence on ST3. ST4 cannot install any package, but for a few months was using packages installed by ST3. Recent ST4 ability to finally at least install Package Control coincides with both versions becoming incompatible with the Mac.

  3. No error popups, likely yet another fail for ST developers.
    Is pandemic cutting into Sublime Text development, feeding into some product failure?
    Where are the Sublime professionals? We are all professional health care providers here.

  4. I am a nurse in Vancouver’s St. Pauls University Hospital. 2,400 of us here, approximately.
    Covid-19 would also effect Sublime Text and supporting campuses. Natural outcomes.
    We stand strong that way.

  5. I strongly urge you all to make pandemic impact a permanent stream in the Sublime Forum. Easy dedication for care givers. None of us can survive without it. Communication.

Interestingly, system admin user Library may occasionally generate two Sublime folders:
a.) /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text [ST4 ? appears after ST3 over failed ST4]
b.) /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3 [ST3]
Never a folder named “Sublime Text 4” - why?

Further annoyance, Sublime Text 3 nags to update to Sublime Text 4 every time Sublime Text 3 is opened in Canada, regardless of Sublime Text 4 install status. This behavior aligns temporally with Canada’s (ignorant) assault of person Meng Wanzhou. Ending with Meng’s return home to China. Providing a brief 3-week respite from the versions ¾ debacle (“learning how to learn again” – Meng to me). A little geopolitical spice, perhaps? I am at a loss to explain…