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Package Control Outage


The file system on the Package Control server suffered some corruption and a number of services required for the website are in a degraded state.

I am working on a new server and recovering as much data as possible from the PostgreSQL database. Unfortunately earlier this year the raw database size grew to the point where the current backup routine was no longer capable of running. I also had another child and I didn’t have enough free time to work on a new backup solution - thus we will see how much can be salvaged. So far it seems like the vast majority of data should be intact, but there is no way to recover on the current machine due to insufficient disk space.

Unfortunately the original server was set up back in early 2012, and while I have a record of how to set it up, I need to move to a more modern approach (ansible) and OS release. This will also make it easier to recover in the case of future issues.


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Thanks for explanation. Fingers crossed :thumbsup:
Can you say more or less, when the site will be restored?
Can I install packages manually? Is this method is stable ?



My hope is that the site will be restored today (Friday, Jan 11 2019), but it may spill into tomorrow.

I unfortunately do not have time to try and help with alternative methods for package installs.

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Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Pretty experienced PostgreSQL user here version 10.x would be something to consider due to the improvements in replication.



Will do, thanks for the offer. I do have a full backup from 2018-09-25 if need be, but I think I may be able to recover from the current server.



Thanks for the update. was wondering what was up.



This really needs more visibility on Sublime Twitter and maybe even a notification bar on the site. That said, is there any addl thank$ option$ to PayPal or bitcoin?



Thanks for the work.



Unfortunately I don’t have access to the Sublime HQ twitter account, but I have posted on my personal account, the Package Control twitter, the Package Control GitHub repo, Discord, the forum and reddit.



You did everything you could then. Thanks for your efforts!



New Child !

I think that’s great news. Congratulates! I’m very happy to hear that it was not my admin skills that could not get a successful install of ST3+PC on Fedora 29.

Please don’t beat yourself up over this minor set back. You are doing the best you can and we all appreciate your efforts on this project.



I don’t know if money is an issue but the way you talk about servers from 2012I can’t help thinking that.

Sooooooooo. I want to suggest you start doing a subscription payment model or maybe a machine limit. Personally I’ve used my Sublime license on about 7 different companies machines as well as 4 of my personal machines. I’ve always felt guilty about the sheer amount of use I’ve had out of them.

Maybe you could get inspiration from an obscure search engine scraping app that has a VERY strong per-machine license system. Its called Scrapebox. Easy to find.

Maybe you could start limiting it a bit and/or releasing business licenses.

I don’t know - I’m throwing ideas out there because I feel I’ve had more service out of my license than seems fair and I think you deserve more money for the app.

Maybe even just make the trial a bit tougher/annoying to compel people tto buy?

I dunno - just a thought.



@LokisHat Just to clarify, I built Package Control and have run the server with the default channel since 2011 as a hobby. This is not an official Sublime HQ project. In 2016 I joined the Sublime HQ team, but Package Control remains a separate project maintained in my free time.



Thank you wbond. we hope that soon we will be able to use package control again.



I’m wondering what fraction of Sublime Text users refrain from using Package Control, and why there might be reasons for that (except for outages like this one, they are quite rare). I’m just surprised to learn it is an unofficial project by Sublime HQ team member :slight_smile: Still, it’s very good and helpful, thanks.



I am amazed to find this out. Like LokitsHat I feel I’ve had fantastic value for my sublime licence, and my sublime merge licence too. I’d like to send you a contribution for PackageControl. Sublime Text is fantastic, but what is it without PackageControl? Please tell me how I can donate.





Cheers mate.



Hello! The package control is functional