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Package Control Not Installing ST2


I’m using what appears to be the most recent version of Sublime Text2 (2022-06-14-0821AM):
Says I’m ‘up to date’ with Sublime Text 2 Version 2.0.2, Build 2221 is currently the newest version available.

I’m running OSX 10.15.7 (Catalina)

I have also read and visited Package Control ( and downloaded the appropriate package. However, when I try and move it to the specified “Installed Packages” ST2 quits and won’t remain open until I remove the package from that location (See screenshot):

I can’t ‘install’ anything using the command+shift+P, which I believe indicates Package Control isn’t installed or working.

The issue I’m attempting to resolve (unsuccessfully) is that when I create a file in ST2 using LaTeX, I can’t build anything or create a .pdf using the command+B shortcut.

I’ve read through several forums here, and most direct me to copy and paste some code from the Package Control website like described in this 2014 video with 45k viewers:

Please help me get package control working so that I can build documents using LaTeX.

Thank you!



For the records, Sublime Text 2 is nearly 10 years old - the latest version (“4”, although it is considered to be called “Sublime Text” only as it will receive continued updates and most probably there won’t be a “5”) may be found found here:

Package Control is not directly provided from Sublime HQ, no idea whether it should work or not with ST2.



Generally speaking, ST2 no longer functions correctly on MacOS because it uses the system installed version of Python and requires that version to be Python 2, which is now no longer the version that MacOS ships with.

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Thank you for pointing that out and for the link. I’ve downloaded the newest Sublime Text (4) and installed package control based on your advice.

When I go to install the package for LaTeXTools, the only one I see specifies it’s for versions 2 & 3:

Is there one specific to version 4, or is this the appropriate one to install?

My primary goal was (is) to be able to build a document in LaTeX that will save as a .pdf.

Thank you



Sublime 4 is backwards compatible with packages for previous versions; as such the latest version should work just fine. Many things still have descriptions that mention only ST3, but that’s purely cosmetic.

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