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Package Control ignore_vcs_packages



Trying to manage my ST config with git. Want to put some packages as git submodules under Packages, but still use PackageControl to install other packages. I have set ignore_vcs_package to true, which seems to work when installing packages with PackageControl. In other words, my git submodule packages do not appear in the list to be installed again. But I see those git submodule packages when running PackageControl’s “List Packages” command and can also delete them with PackageControl’s “Remove Packages” command. Is this expected? I assumed ignore_vcs_package would no longer manage anything about those git submodule packages.

Thanks in advance



I believe that is expected, yes.

The Setting should stop package control from trying to “manage” the package (i.e. by performing git operations during updates to try and bring its content up to date) but it doesn’t stop it from knowing that the package exists.

Apart from being a tool to install packages, Package Control will also show you all packages, even if it did not install them or does not otherwise manage them, so that you can tell that they’re there, ignore them, etc.



Got it, thanks for the quick response.