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So, I accidentally closed the output window at the bottom of the screen, and I read about how to get it back and people say I have to go to key binding. Alright, cool. I tried and when I saw it in preferences, it was grayed out and I couldn’t select it, anyone know a fix?



You can view the build results through the menu: Tools > Build Results > Show Build Results or the default keybinding: shift+escape.

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“Show Build Results” is also grayed out



The options to open the build results menu (including the key binding) is disabled if there’s not any build results to display.

In particular, every window you create has it’s own build results output panel that’s distinct from all other windows, and the panel isn’t created until the first time a build is executed in that window.

That means that if you haven’t run a build in any particular window, you can’t open the panel because there are no results for you to display. Note also that build results aren’t persisted, so if you quit and restart Sublime, you need to execute a build again in the window in order to see the results panel.



I have found that some plugins show the “Build Results” (the actual build process) for a short period of time (1sec… you can change this in their prefs). I find this more than handy as I build a lot while testing, for example, TiKZ figures, and the build results, while telling you if things went right or wrong, are there all the time stealing precious screen space. You need Escape all the time to get rid of it.

Is it possible to time the build results?



Not via anything directly out of the box, but it is totally possible via a small plugin to cause a build to show it’s results only for a few seconds before closing them (or only show them on error, etc).

Things get tricky if you want a build that uses a custom target (e.g. terminus_exec) to do that though, since the way to do this would be via a small plugin that is itself a custom target.