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Option to not calculate diff for a particular (slow) file?


I need to commit a production minified .js file to my repo, but the diff for that file isn’t something I’m interested in inspecting. However Sublime Merge calculates the diff for that file every time I select a commit containing it, which slows down the ui a lot, hitting usability quite badly.

I was hoping there might be an option to specify to not calculate a diff for a specific file (the file cannot be removed from the repo), but can’t find one.

Is there a solution to this?

Update: could another option be to defer calculation of the diff if a file caret is not expanded? I note that the ui saves expanded/collapsed state of each file in each commit view between selects, but even with the file that’s slowing things down collapsed, its diff is still being calculated before anything’s rendered. i.e. if i could collapse the file to avoid it rendering that’d help, but even if i collapse it, it still ‘renders’ (though not shown). excellent product by the way!

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We have some heuristics for files that cause performance issues and we don’t show diffs for those. Seems like those need to be adjusted. Could you provide an example of a file/repository with these issues?



Here you go.