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Option to Disable Mac OS Global Find


Hi there,

As I’ve just upgraded (paid $80, no regrets), I’d like to ask for an improvement.

Please allow option to disable Mac OS global find.

Visual Code has this option, so ST should, too.

I’ve recently switched to Mac OS, and there is one annoying problem that I constantly encounter, and that is the global search “feature” of Mac OS.

I often need to search in my code for something specific to the code, but then I may need to search for something else that is related in a PDF reference. Switching back to the code, my search query is now the same as the PDF search query.

I know some people like this, however, I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t.

Could you please change the Find option in ST so that it uses its own query? I’m not entirely sure how you would do that, although it does appear to be possible, as this can be disabled in Visual Code.

I was going to switch to VC purely for this - decided not to due to something else I couldn’t change.