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Opening Sublime text locks out one of my Windows domain accounts


Here’s an odd one.

My organization has two accounts for users like me. My normal account, and an “admin_” prefixed account.

When I connect to network shares on most servers, I connect with the “admin_username” account (from here on called the admin_ account) rather than my normal “username” account.

This has been the pattern for literal years, since sublime 2.

This issue popped up with sublime 3, and I just dealt with it. Every 90 days, when I change my password, it would happen. From then on, when I reboot, usually monthly, it happens again.

Now with sublime 4, it’s happening like 6x a day, which is too much to deal with.

I’ve edited my Session.sublime_session to remove all history of network files, all instances of ANY network path, yet it still persists.

Where on earth is it caching the network credentials, and… why is it doing it? My admin_ account won’t be locked out for hours, and hours, even a day! (I used VS code, rather than sublime for a day. It wasn’t ideal)

The INSTANT I open sublime, which pauses for roughly the amount of time it takes to fail connecting to a file share, if I try to use that account, it’s locked out, and I have to unlock it.

What am I missing? Any help? I searched 3x and couldn’t find anyone with a similar issue.



Sublime Text doesn’t connect to network shares nor does it store any login credentials for them. It just uses folders/drives provided by the OS.



When I click file, save as, it loads a network location as the default (first) option.

Where does it get that info? That’s the only thing I’ve yet to figure out.



On Windows…

when opening a new ST instance, default Save as… location is ST’s install directory.

If an existing file is open, Save as… location points to the file’s folder. Same folder is used if a new empty view is created and Save as… is executed.

AFAIK, default location suggested by Save As… is also specified by OS. Maybe a HOMEDRIVE and HOMEDIR pointing to a remote location is specified for your domain account. It may happen OS chooses that as default location than. Not quite sure though.

Long story short: It’s also not within scope of ST to choose that folder.



Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you. I can restart my computer, log in, log on to vpn, and do whatever for an hour. My admin account won’t get locked out.

The instant I fire up sublime text, that account gets locked out. I can record a video if it’s at all helpful.