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Opening projects (multiple windows)


Opening a project from the shell using sublime text 3 (which I’m using currently, but I switched from 2 because I was hoping to resolve these problems) is extremely frustrating as two windows open, one containing the project and another a blank document. None of the command line options or workarounds I’ve tried work suitably without collateral damage. Also the “Close Project” menu item often seems disabled when a project is open. I guess this is a small problem in the grand scheme of things but on the other hand being annoyed every time I open my project doesn’t always feel small.



I have just found Sublime and I am trying to establish good, quick work habits with it.
One of the first things I tried was to do as you described; ie. open projects using the default Windows shell commands.

On a 64bit Win7 machine when I either create a link(shortcut) pointing to a project and double click, or right-click and select 'Open’on the actual sublime-project file, the following happens.

The selected project opens and functions as normal but another project also opens along with it.

If I right-click and select ‘Open with’ the project and an empty editor window open.

I have found that with the shortcuts if you place the program path in quotes then a space and the the project path in quotes it loads it properly as the executable and document as a variable.

Thus: “path to Sublime on your system” “path to your project file”

Edit 2:
No. My mistake. Doesn’t fix it.

Edit 3:
Finally. The fix is to have these settings:
“hot_exit”: false,
“remember_open_files”: false,

Amazing really. The fix seems self evident now, but finding it was not as straight forward as it could be.
Still, I am hooked, this one great bit of kit.

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I had a similar problem (ST3 Build 3047).
Another symptom/bug for me was that recent project didn’t show up in the “project quick switch”-window. However, thay were added using Project --> Switch Project rather than Project --> Open Project.
Oncy my projects were opened in this way, they showed up in the recent projects list, and the Close Project function works.

Hope it helps someboddy :smile:



Thanks. This also works for Linux (Debian Stretch)