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Open repository from Sublime Merge in Sublime Text 3


I’d like to create a key binding for this command, but I cannot find the actual command itself. Is there such a command that I can use to create a key binding inside Default.sublime-keymap.

Thanks in advance.



Here’s mine.

{ "keys": ["alt+shift+o", "alt+shift+m"], "command": "sublime_merge_open_repo" },

How to find what command is just executed? (usually work)

  1. Enable ST’s command log. Type sublime.log_commands(True) in ST’s console.
  2. Do what you are going to do. In this case, double click on the branch icon to open SM.
  3. ST’s console shows the command and its args.
  4. After testing, luckily, without args, sublime_merge_open_repo will open the current file’s repo.


Thanks for your reply. I think your command works when trying to open a repository being viewed in Sublime Text in Sublime Merge, but I’m trying to go the other way; that is, when I’m viewing a repository in Sublime Merge, I’d like to open it in Sublime Text. I don’t see a console in Sublime Merge to be able to help me, but thanks for that tip for Sublime Text.



Sorry I didn’t notice that.

I found some possible commands in SM

Main.sublime-menu:152: { "command": "open_dir_in_sublime_text", "args": {"dir": "$working_dir"}, "caption": "Open in Sublime Text…" },

    "keys": ["alt+shift+o", "alt+shift+s", "alt+shift+t"], 
    "command": "open_dir_in_sublime_text", 
    "args": {"dir": "$working_dir"} ,

This one works for me.

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That worked well. In retrospect, my question was poorly worded. Thanks very much for your help!

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