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Open Recent -> Reopen Closed Window


SublimeText already has the menu item File -> Open Recent -> Reopen Closed File.
Also Sublime Text has the ability to save and restore all its open Windows when it is exited via File -> Exit.
If, however, a Window (with a lot of opened files in it) is closed while there are more open Sublime Text’s Windows, the just closed Window seems to be lost forever (with all its open files).
There should be a menu item File -> Open Recent -> Reopen Closed Window that would remember e.g. last 10 closed Windows (with all files opened in those windows).
Frankly, I don’t know why such an obvious feature is still not present in Sublime Text.

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With projects (saved to disk) and the quick project switcher (in the project menu, bindable to a Ke sequence), I haven’t had a need for this so far. It probably wouldn’t hurt to add it, but try doing that first to see whether it helps in your work flow.



Thank you, FichteFoll. With saved project file it is indeed much better since a saved project seems to automatically track which files are opened/closed in it, without the need to update the project manually.
If, however, I mistakenly close a window full of open files without saving them as a project, I feel really stupid and doomed. And it can not be undone!!!
So indeed an ability to Reopen Closed Window would be something “parallel” to the idea of a saved project. And it would perfectly match into the existing functionality of

  1. Undo (the level of symbols)
  2. Reopen Closed File (the level of a complete file)
  3. the proposed Reopen Closed Window (the level of several files in a window)


I agree! I had a separate window open for just sandbox stuff… another window was my project files. Right now, I’m trying to restore the sandbox files in the window that closed when storm here crashed us… Was hoping for a “secret” keyboard command… ah well… :frowning:



I was really hoping to see this feature in new version of Sublime Text… Now the new version is here, the feature is absent :frowning:
Please add it to the new version!
If it matters, I’m a registered user…



Another use case, I’ve encountered a bug several times (though infrequently) where a git diff doesn’t open in a new window, but in my main editor window, and if closed, takes the whole rest of the window with it.