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Hi, I have downloaded Sublime 3.2.2 Build 3211 on Ubuntu 18.04 OS.

The files of project are opening in a current tab instead of opening in a new Tab.

I have tried changing the Preferences.sublime-settings-User
"open_files_in_new_window": false

But not helping. Any solution will be helpful

Thank you



single click sidebar = preview
double click sidebar = open

and you are mixing tab and window. not sure what exactly you mean.

according to the comment, open_files_in_new_window is Mac-only.



Not Sure what are these syntax and where it should be used. My Issue is Files are opening in single tab instead opening a file in new tab.

“preview_on_click”: true (This is already true)



The behavior you described is probably caused by single clicking on the file name in the sidebar. You should double click to “open” it. Single clicking is just a preview.



No i tried doing all possibilities nothing is helping.

You can see attached images



it looks like there is no tab at all in your screenshot. never seen something like that :frowning:



If you go to View -> Show Tabs from the top menu, it’ll show the tabs (since tabs aren’t visible in your screenshot). If suppose the title of the tab is in italics, it means that you have just single clicked your files in the sidebar (as @jfcherng has mentioned) & that’s just a preview mode and such files don’t show up in the OPEN FILES section at top left. If you double click any file, the title is not italics anymore and it get’s assigned a proper tab in the editor.
If you don’t want a preview mode, you can set the preview_on_click to false in Preferences.sublime-settings - User, after which single clicking will not give a preview anymore but you’ll have to double click every time to open a tab.


How to drag a file into a new tab without replacing the existing tab

View -> Show Tabs worked. Thanks a lot